About Us

RASIS Telecom

Telecom Business unit established on 2006 as the first business unit of RASIS corporation; we have focused on two major areas for developing future business: Metal Industries and site beatification. RASIS have been one of the reputable suppliers in different projects and provide material for different clients as Taliya, Irancell, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Rightel.

What RASIS does in TELECOM business unit

RASIS manufactures metal equipments used in BTS site for different vendors as NOKIA, Ericsson, Siemens, NSN, Mobinnet, Taliya, Rightel and other subcontractors. Also provide and implement camouflaging solutions for BTS sites.

Mission statement

Designing, manufacturing and installation of all BTS site equipments according to EIA/TIA standards, providing camouflaging and site beautification solutions for BTS site.


Innovation, High qulaity products and continous growth is our core values which empowers our competitive advantages.

Key advantages:

  • Expert designer and production teams
  • Premium quality
  • Short lead time
  • Proper supply chain and partners